Vintage Gold Watches

Sometimes the easiest and fastest way to sell your Vintage Gold Watch is taking to a pawn broker or selling online via Ebay but we have heard stories where sellers only get paid the weight or price of Gold. If you are looking to sell or pawn your Gold Watch, the best is to take a few images and email it to us. We pay for the watch and not just the gold. We are a bunch of watch enthusiasts that still like and wear watches in this age. We would buy your IWC, Jaeger, Universal watch for what it is and not just the weight of gold. If you do not wish to sell your watch, simply pawn or consign, we will adjust and do that as well.  Our goal is provide you the best price feasible and make the transaction quicker and easier for you.

Enjoy some of the images and description of the Vintage Gold Watches below.

Jaeger-Lecoultre Gold Bubble Dress Watch – Easy to Read

Jaeger Lecoultre Watch

International Watch Co  Schaffhausen Gold Round Dress Watch – Easy to Read

IWC Gold Watch



International Watch Co  Schaffhausen Gold Cushion Dress Watch – Easy to Read

IWC Gold Cushion Watch




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