Sell your Vintage IWC Watch

IWC Schaffhausen or International Watch Company Schaffhausen  is a reputed swiss watchmaker that has been making watches for centuries.  They are still in existence as of today and make great watches. IWC Schaffhausen is notable for being the only major Swiss watch factory located in eastern Switzerland, as the majority of the well-known Swiss watch manufacturers are located in western Switzerland.

We buy IWC Schaffhausen of all kinds. Each watch is its own kind and based on mechanism & condition has a different price tag. If you have a IWC Schaffhausen watch that you are looking to sell, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to give you an estimate. We strive to make the transaction easy and quick for you. Please take a couple of pictures of your watch and send it to us via email at . Once we receive the pictures, we will get back to you with a price estimate. If agreed and decide to sell your vintage IWC watch, will arrange for shipment and get you paid quickly.

International Watch Company PORTUGUESE REGULATOR




International Watch Co., Schaffhausen, Aquatimer Automatic,



International Watch Co., Schaffhausen, Universal Time Coordinated



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