Sell your Vintage Bulova Watch

Bulova is a luxury manufacturer company of watches and clocks located in New York.  Bulova was founded and incorporated as the J. Bulova Company in 1875 by Joseph Bulova. If you have a Vintage Bulova watch that you would like to sell, please send us the pictures via email at

A lot of watch buyers only purchase high end luxury watches. We buy all brands including Bulova. We are always interested in buying an entire collection so if you have a family member or friend that had a hobby of collecting Bulova Watches, please introduce them to us.

Many times individuals decide to sell watches on their own using online platforms like Ebay, Amazon etc. This is great but we have noticed that like any other experience, their are mixed reviews for these platforms as well. Sometimes a person can end up not getting by a Seller or receive the watch back in a different condition than it was sent.

We strive to make it an easier and quick transaction for you. If have a Bulova watch that you are looking to sell,please take a few images of the front/back and send to us via email at

Bulova rectangular curved wristwatch


Bulova Accutron Deep Sea 666 Feet



Bulova Accutron Desk Clock



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